Disability Hub

At We are 336 we  provide a welcoming and accessible resource where local people can access advice and support from the wide range of disability organisations based here.

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Lambeth CIL One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop, drop in session

  • Centre for Independent Living

    We are 336 is home to the Working Group of the Lambeth Centre for Independent Living. There are a number of Centres for Independent Living (CILs) already running in other parts of the country. They aim to support and empower disabled people to be equal citizens with independence, choice, control, rights and full participation in economic, social and cultural life. They use the ‘social model of disability’ to identify disabling attitudes and barriers, and work to remove them.

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  • One Stop Information Shop

    The One Stop Information Shop for disabled people enables an easy to access and joined up service to be provided to people visiting our building. Currently this service is coordinated by DASL and includes staff and volunteers from organisations in the building. We plan to open the service at regular hours and are currently looking for volunteers.

    One Stop Information Shop services